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St. Johns Theater Investigation:

"I am an employee of the St. Johns Cinema in Portland, Oregon. Sethyn sensed a ghost in the theater and talked to us about doing an investigation. We agreed to this and were actually present for much of it. Sethyn and the team of investigators collected clear evidence of a "presence" primarily through audio tape. Due to the fact that I was present for this taping I am certain that the voice heard was not from any team members present. Sethyn later did a clearing ritual and since that time (9 months) we have heard or felt nothing from our strange visitor. I found Sethyn's abilities to be exceptional as she demonstrated skills in psychic sensitivity in an easy going, discreet, and professional manner. I would highly recommend her for finding and sending on any lost souls that need a nudge."

Other Recommendations:

My name is Jeff Davis. I have written several books on fork lore and the paranormal. As part of my work, over the past 12 years I have conducted many paranormal investigations of my own. I have been approached by many people believing that they had a special sense of intuition or clairvoyance or are what some people call psychic. I use scientific testing methods for measuring psychic abilities and have regrettably found that many people, who claim to have these gifts, did not consistently demonstrate any special abilities. However when testing Sethyn she demonstrated a high rating in the area of clair-sentience (or psychometry) or the ability to sense presences, events and details through touch.


Jefferson Davis"

"I highly recommend Sethyn due to her incredible psychic capabilities."

"I have worked with Sethyn on three separate occasions and I am impressed with her ability to identify and communicate with the spirit world. Her spirit release/cleansing talents were 100% successful and my clients have been free from their paranormal woes since Sethyn's release ceremony!"

"On one occasion a crying client phoned me out of desperation asking for help. Her home was taken over by an angry and potentially harmful entity. This entity had actually driven the client from her home fearing harm if she were to remain in her home. Due to the severity and "emergency" status of the situation I phoned Sethyn asking for her help. She responded promptly and by evening hours a "release" ceremony was preformed by Sethyn. The client had no further paranormal happenings in her home. Sethyn identified the angry entity (verified by the client) and was able to help this spirit to move on to a better place. The client is more than grateful and lives comfortably in her home now."

"In a world where anyone can claim to possess abilities I am here to tell you that Sethyn is the real deal."

"Sethyn is my first choice when a psychic is required!! I have complete confidence in Sethyn and her abilities. In my line of work my reputation is only as good as the people that are part of my paranormal investigation team. That is why I seek Sethyn!!"

"To Whom It May Concern:

During the two years I have known Sethyn we have visited several locations that had a reputation for paranormal events. In that time Sethyn consistently demonstrated an extraordinary sense intuition. On two separate occasions we visited places where she knew very little about the location because I purposely withheld the facts and historic information about the locale. She voiced impressions of past residents and events in the locales that were too detailed and consistently correct to have been a case of a series of 'lucky guesses.' "

"To Whom It May Concern:

I hired Sethyn in February, 2010 to assist me in ridding my home of a ghost. I had lived with this ghost for about one year but he had become threatening and I no longer felt safe in my home. Sethyn was able to give details about the ghost, that I could confirm, including his name and how he died. She also told me that I would have a dream that evening which would be an important message from this entity. Not only did I have a dream as she said but the entity gave me information that Sethyn had shared with him I had no way of knowing. It has been five months now and my home has been peaceful. I am thankful there are people like Sethyn in the world and am grateful for her services."

"I recommend Sethyn as a psychic medium and would not hesitate to call her if I ever felt a negative presence in the future."



"I had two readings with Sethyn and she described my deceased father in detail. She passed on message to me from my father that I have no doubt were authentic."

"My mother's home became haunted and it got to the point she could not spend more than 15 minutes in the home without feeling ill. The home was left vacant for 5 years. As a last resort we invited Sethyn to perform a clearing in the home. My mother and the family moved back in and she has been well and has not had any more ER visits!"


Cost depends on the size of the home or business. Average cost is $125.00 for a clearing.

Sethyn will travel to locations in Oregon and Washington with travel expenses to be discussed at the time of booking your clearing.


Sethyn's schedule is flexible, but she is primarily available on weekends and evenings.


  • Masters degree in counseling.
  • Experience in social work and mediating.
  • Ordained minister (Swami Achalananda) through the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago where she learned techniques for clearing spaces.
  • Sethyn is an astrologer.
  • Published in the medical journal Anabiosis, which has been translated into eight different languages
  • Assisted with two cases of "spirit possession" or situations where people felt they had been partially "taken over" by a ghost or entity from their home and no longer felt in full control of themselves.
  • Currently working on a book about death as a transition.